Let's be honest here. Steroid creams do a job and as far as they go they do a very good job. In other words if you are going crazy with itching, cracked, inflamed skin a steroid cream is going to put you out of your misery quite quickly. For a limited time period at least. And then you will need another steroid application to maintain your lack of misery. And another. And another. Steroid creams may allow the skin to begin the healing but they rarely, if ever, cure the underlying condition. 

The object of this blog is not to scare you silly but we should look at the downside of steroid creams. These include:

  • allergic reaction
  • skin atrophy- this is where skin becomes thinner and thinner
  • bruising more easily
  • stretch marks
  • rosacea
  • acne
  • purpura (bursting of small blood vessels, creating purple spots on the skin)
  • premature skin aging
  • alteration of skin colour/pigmentation 

Less common side effects can include:

  • pigment alteration
  • delayed wound healing

Not a pretty list. 

SalvX Rescue Cream has been formulated to support mild to moderate eczema naturally. It performs some of the same functions of steroid creams but without the downsides. So it intensively hydrates, soothes and calms angry, itching, cracked inflamed skin. And we have designed a way to reduce steroid creams gradually and replace with SalvX Rescue Cream. 


So taking that caution into account, we do advise getting in touch with a qualified homeopath who can help to cure eczema from the inside out. Salvx can safely be used alongside complementary treatments. 

The idea is to gradually reduce steroid creams by mixing it with SalvX Rescue Cream, slowly reducing the amount of Steroid cream and increasing the amount of Salvx. 

Don't be tempted to shortcut the schedule and if you experience any rebound symptoms increase the amount of steroid cream and reduce even more slowly. 

I cannot emphasise enough the need to treat eczema from the inside, as it is the body which is creating eczema and it is the whole body that needs treating. Homeopathy and herbs is a great route to go to treat eczema holistically and ensure a successful outcome.

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