Our Formulas are at the Heart of Everything we Do

When I founded SalvX I made a commitment to bring to the products the same high quality inspiration I bring to my homeopathic practice.

This meant NO SLS (a common detergent that is also an irritant), NO Parabens (a common synthetic preservative, also a potential irritant), NO synthetic fragrance or colours, NO palm oil and definitely NO animal-sourced ingredients

Almost every aspect of the brand is based in the UK so we have more control over quality and can also reduce our carbon footprint.

But it’s not just what leave out that is so important but what we put in the products that counts as much. Our target was to use 99% ingredients of plant origin -which we achieved. But we weren’t happy just using the simplistic formulas of other brands, so we built our formulas from scratch, carefully researching and reviewing the profile of hundreds of different natural active ingredients until we were confident we had formulas which were both intensely hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Our testing shows Salvx moisturises beautifully as well as cools and calms uncomfortably dry skin. (oh! and it also smells great too- thanks to the pure essential oils we use)

We should point out that Salvx doesn’t  claim to cure dry skin conditions; but Salvx is the reassuring support you will reach for to complement the other treatments you are using.

So, let’s look at some of what goes into our famous Rescue Cream and the benefits they bring. These are the heroes of our formulas.

 Jojoba Oil – smoothing and moisturising

Echium Oil – good for eczema

Shea Butter – Nourishing

Panthenol – anti inflammatory, calming

Cherimola Fruit – Anti inflammatory

MSM- healing for irritable skin

Beetroot Extract – Intensely moisturising

Allantoin (from comfrey) – calming for hypersentive skin

Calendula – soothing

Aloe Vera – Hydrating and soothing

Cardiospermum – Good for eczema.

Sometimes people ask me why there are so many different ingredients in each product. And there is a very good scientific reason. If you use a product with one or two active ingredients there is a risk of your skin becoming sensitised to those ingredients. It would be like if you only had a diet with a few foods. But by using more moisturising, calming and soothing ingredients if you happen to be sensitive to one the others will calm down that sensitive reaction. That’s why we get virtually no complaints of sensitive reactions to our products.