Formulated by natural health expert, Jonathan Stallick, SalvX was created after seeing how dry problem skin affected his patients, both physically and mentally.

The SalvX range aims to bring more ease and comfort to stressed skin using carefully sourced botanical oils and extracts, fully complementing conventional or homeopathic treatments.

Tried and tested over many years these formulas have proven themselves consistently


We want everybody to feel comfortable in their own skin.
We understand how debilitating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can be, both physically and mentally. We believe no one should miss out on doing the things they love because of this, and so we’ve developed a range of natural skincare products targetted towards supporting these problems in a safe and natural way.


Did you know 70% of the planet and 60% of our bodies is water?
At Salvx our mission is to create clean products that won’t pollute our bodies or the planet’s waterways.

With your help Salvx can support our marine conservation charity partner, The Marine Conservation Society, in their work to re-wild our planet's waters.

The MCS's goal is "to recover the health of the ocean; for the sake of our wildlife, our climate and our own wellbeing".

Feel good about healthy skin and a healthy planet.

Not a drop in the ocean.

Find out more by visiting the Marine Conservation Society's website:

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