SALVX is commited to your skin comfort

At SalvX we want everybody to feel comfortable in their own skin. We understand how debilitating skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis and eczema can be, both physically and mentally. We believe no one should miss out on doing the things they love because of this, and so we’ve developed a range of natural skincare products targeted towards helping these problems in a safe and natural way. Our mission is to help alleviate the discomfort of skincare problems and in turn, reduce the self-conciousness that goes with them, helping you and your family flourish, inside and out. Whether you have problem skin or just care for your skin, SalvX is committed to you.

Created by a Natural Skin Health Expert

SalvX was developed by Jonathan Stallick, a professional homeopath and natural medicine expert with over 35 years experience treating patients and formulating natural skin and haircare products.

He wanted to create premium quality skincare, made only with the finest, carefully sourced, plant oils and herbal extracts (and boosted with essential vitamins) that could help his many patients with problem skin- to support homeopathic or conventional treatment.


NATURAL - Using a minimum of 99% natural, cruelty-free ingredients
INTELLIGENT & THOUGHTFUL - We take an overview of your body as a whole, and see skin an integral part of your body’s eco system.
EFFECTIVE - We’ve developed complex formulas which hit a broader spectrum of skin issues, avoiding skin sensitivity issues that can occur with simpler formulas.
DEPENDABLE - We’re here for you. You can trust us to look after the whole family. All of our formulations are tried and tested for safety.
KIND & CARING - We care about your skin problems and have created a better way to skin comfort. Our products are all natural and kind to skin. We are also kind and caring towards our beautiful planet. We use plant-based and PCR (Post Consumer Refuse) packaging wherever possible.
At SalvX our formulas are at the heart of everything we do.